Have you ever tried to find best books in a specific field that you are not an expert in it? Most of us first look for a friend who is expert in that field and ask for suggestions, but most of the time we don’t have an expert friend in that specific field. The next solution could be searching the web, finding some relevant books and then trying to find reviews or looking at how many stars they have for example on Amazon. These tasks are both very time consuming and not very effective. Wouldn’t it be great if for that specific field we could ask a world-renowned expert to suggest some good books? And wouldn’t it be even better if we could ask a number of experts for their suggestions? The purpose of Dorado list is exactly that. To help, students, engineers, or anyone who is interested to find great books in a specific field.

Dorado in Spanish means golden. Dorado list is truly a golden list of best books, taught in best schools or suggested by some world-renowned experts. We have started the list by a few top schools and a few top experts, but we are expanding the list continually. So please check back often to see new items added to the site. Also we would love to hear from you, your feedbacks and comments can help us improve this site. If you know a top expert in a field and want to see his/her book suggestions just send us an email (hi AT doradolist DOT com). If there are enough people asking for the same expert we will contact that expert to see if s/he is willing to send us a list. Also if you want to be notified when we add new lists to this website, just send us an email and put “notify” in the email subject.

To make Dorado List better, we need your help to spread the word about us to your friends and collegues. Also you can help us by sharing our website on social media sites. Here are some links so you can easily share Dorado List:

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