Have you ever found yourself seeking out the best books within a specialized field where your expertise is not extensive? Often, our initial inclination is to consult a knowledgeable friend for recommendations. However, more often than not, we lack such a friend within the specific domain we're interested in exploring. Alternatively, we turn to the vast expanse of the internet, sifting through numerous titles, followed by the arduous task of scouring reviews, perhaps on platforms like Amazon. Not only is this process time-consuming, but it's also fraught with inefficiency. Wouldn’t it be great if for that specific field we could ask a world-renowned expert to suggest some good books? And wouldn’t it be even better if we could ask several experts for their suggestions? The purpose of Doradolist is exactly that. In Doradolist ,we help you to find great books in a specific field.

Dorado in Spanish means golden. Doradolist is truly a golden list of best books, taught in the best schools, or recommended by some world-renowned experts. We have started the list with a few top schools and a few top experts, but we are expanding the list . So please check back often to see new items added to the site. Also, we would love to hear from you, your feedback and comments can help us improve this site. If you know a top expert in a field and want to see his/her book suggestions send us an email (hi AT doradolist DOT com). If enough people ask for the same expert we will contact that expert to see if s/he is willing to send us a list. Also, if you want to be notified when we add new lists to this website, send us an email and put “notify” in the email subject.

To further enrich the Doradolist experience, we rely on your support in spreading the word among your network of friends and colleagues. Sharing our website on social media platforms is another invaluable means of assisting us in our mission. We cannot wait to hear your feedback on how we can further refine and enhance our platform.
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