Paper books vs. ebooks

It was not too long ago that the books were only available in physical format. Even still there are some books that are only published in physical format and on papers. But for many books, we have the option of buying them in the traditional paper form, or electronic version. Here we look at the main reasons why some people like paper-based books and some prefer electronics books. As an avid book reader, I used to only read paper-based books and couldn’t stand reading books on electronic devices. But today I have come to appreciate some of the major advantages of electronic books while still enjoy reading paper-based books.

Paper books

When we talk about books, the image that comes to mind is the image of a physical book not an electronics book reader. There are thousands of libraries around the world which carry traditional paper books. We still heavily use paper books in schools, although it is slowly changing.



With the advancement of technology, which ironically has benefited heavily from paper books, we now have electronics type books. These are digital files that are loaded into electronic book readers or on the computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.


Paper Books vs E-Books: Pros and Cons

As there are people who absolutely love paper books and cannot stand reading on electronic devices, and people who will not read a book unless it is in a digital format, we have done some research to find major pros and cons of each of these two book type.

Paper books: pros

We have divided this to practical, and emotional aspects.

Practical aspects:

Some of the practical pros of reading paper based books are:

Emotional aspects:

Some of the emotional pros of reading paper based books are:

Paper books: cons

Some of the cons of reading paper based books are:

ebooks: pros

Some of the pros of reading ebooks are:

ebooks: cons

Some of the cons of reading ebooks are:

Some Facts:


Here are some facts that we have found during our research:


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